A warm welcome to my personal blog on stocks and investment. My name is William Yeo and I’m a licensed remisier with Lim and Tan Securities, since 2009.

Investing in stocks have always been a topic that is close to my heart. My primary goal has always been to help my clients make profitable investment and trades that are within their risk appetite. 

As an investor myself, I care deeply about making the right investments and trades. I have had the benefit of gaining the  experience of trading over the years as a stock broker that I’ve started sharing the topics with my clients through various seminar sessions, touching on topics like "Trend Trading", "Trading Plan and Its Elements", "Capital and Risk Management", "Use of Advance Order Features", "Trading Psychology" and a number of other topics. .

With Dr. Alexandra Elder (left)

Dr Alexandra Elder is professional trader and author of a few books, including: "Trading for a Living", "Come Into  My Trading Room", "The New Sell and Sell Short" and "Entries & Exit"


The site is dedicated to helping investors and traders alike, covering various topics pertaining to both investing and trading. WilYeo.com is created to help me in connecting with the investing community, to share various topics pertaining to the stock market.As a stock broker, I'd be pleased to serve you as one of my client and if you wish to open a trading account with us, please feel free to message me at to arrange for opening of a trading account. Have a Blessed Day!

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